We are fans of the Shar-pei

Welcome to our website

We are Janny v.Os and Adri v. Wakeren and we are engaged in breeding sharpei’s. We strive to maintain a pure breed. Our dogs are x-rayed. The puppies are provided with a pedigree, which is issued by the board of directors. Each puppy will be provided with a chip, vaccinated and dewormed. Our dogs are very healthy and have a very good, sweet and honest character. They are socialized with other dogs and children, of course the puppies are sold under contract and with health guarantee.

The combinations we make are based on, health and character, we also find the construction of the parents very important. If you have any questions you can always contact us. Aftercare is very important to us and we like to keep in touch.

Our males


Tested on HD, ED, and Spaid.

Snowy is a slim male and super obedient and sweet. He has beautiful puppies in different colors. Snowy was born in 2015.


Balou is a brother of Mylou and he is judged on HD and ED, inherits all colors.

Balou stands for females for breeding.


About the Shar-pei

Sharpei means “sand-skin” and refers to the special skin of this breed. The Shar-pei has a strong and hard skin, while the coat is short and bristly. In the puppy phase, the skin shows tight wrinkles on the body that disappear later. Then only the wrinkles on the forehead and the withers remain. In essence they are very gentle and friendly animals. The Shar-pei can therefore rejoice in a growing interest. It is an intelligent breed and very loyal to its owner. The movement of the Shar-pei is free, harmonious and powerful.

Our bitches


Mylou is a beautiful Choco lady with a spicy character. She was born with us and daughter of Yenna and Balou from Heemskerk.

Mylou is HD and Spaid free.


Senna is our frisky little door and comes from Hadimassa from Zoeterwoude. She loves to play with puppies.

Senna is retired.



Yena is a beautiful and super sweet Blue Girl. She is the daughter of Rebel and Yena White van het Bergerhofke.


Shadow-Lady is our latest addition.